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Sounds Pretty Spiff to me...

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<3sorry4this [25 Apr 2005|06:05pm]

JOIN ________spiffay
thank you for your time.
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Fire at will [15 Mar 2005|11:36am]

[ mood | sick ]

Are you ready?<3Collapse )

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[12 Feb 2005|09:16pm]


i slam dance with knivesCollapse )

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The Survey [17 Dec 2004|04:36pm]


Name:  Amber
Age: 17
Location: Springville
Email/AIM/etc: amberns87@yahoo.com, AIM: amberns87
Dating Status: single
Hobbies: hanging out, shopping, playing guitar, etc.
Top 5 Bands: can't think of them right now
Top 5 Movies: Meet the parents, Spy who Shagged me me, Selena and A Walk in the clouds(both a joke b/t me and mary, haha), and Lord of the Rings. 
Favorite Food/Drink: Pizza and Sprite
Do you smoke? Drink? Do drugs? NO
Favorite word? spiff
Do you play an instrument/sing? Are you in a band? no, i'm not in a band, but i do sing (most of the time by myself) and i'm learning to play the guitar
Do you listen to country music? no
Tell us about the last show you went to: i went to "Rockfest" and it was the spiff
Make us laugh: so, i walked into a club and this guy asked if he could buy me a drink and so i said yes. then he asked if i wanted to dance and *the next thing i knew he was all up on me screamin "yeah, yeah"
What do you think of the moderators? they're the spiff
Post at least 2 pics of yourself: sorry, but i only have this one:

selected userpic

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[09 Nov 2004|12:50pm]

i am thinking about leaving this community whoose comming with me
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[24 Oct 2004|09:06pm]

[ mood | weird ]

Dont look behind youCollapse )

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APP [23 Oct 2004|02:01pm]

[ mood | relieved ]

December stars could never match your eyesCollapse )

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[22 Oct 2004|06:52pm]



 never forget

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Mystery Date. [20 Oct 2004|10:16pm]

I met up with this guy yesterday in the tampon aisle of Target.

Then we walked around.

It was raining, he held the umbrella. He was sweet and cutesy! (AWWWW) hahaha

Then we ate. He eats pizza seductively. I was turned on. haha.

The Target cashier so thought we were like married.

Then we hugged at my car before I left. Ima teach that boy to hug spiffily.

You get 20 spiff points if you can guess who (a member of this community) that I went on the date with. mhm.

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[18 Oct 2004|10:29pm]

Due to the bad participation in the Spiffxcore Awards, the votes won't be counted and the awards are off.
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SpiffXcore Awards 2004!!!!! [10 Oct 2004|09:27pm]


First Annual Spiffxcore Awards!

The Rules:

  • Copy and paste the following ballot in a reply to this post.
  • You can only vote for the following members:

anglwthahatchet, badlyxdrawnxgrl, cfin86, eyelinersuicide, gvermund, human_placebo, i_am_jon, im_your_zero, likethis4ever, mylifeandtimes, savingyesterday, tastelesswater, u_think_u_no_me, xzer0xfaithx

  • You may vote for yourself.
  • You can vote for a person more than once.
  • Please refer to them by their LJ name.
  • If the category is "boys" you have to vote for a boy and vice versa. Girls are listed in purple, guys in blue


    The Ballot:

    • Smexiest Boy:
    • Smexiest Girl:
    • Prettiest Hair:
    • Favorite Mod:
    • Most Active:
    • Best Voter:
    • Spiffiest LJ:
    • Spiffiest AIM name:
    • Spiffiest LJ Name:
    • Best Personality:
    • Mr. Spiffxcore:
    • Miss Spiffxcore:
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SpiffXcore Survivor. [08 Oct 2004|10:16pm]

Chris (cfin86) had this idea to have a SpiffXcore Survivor.

I think he should comment or post and explain all about it.


P.S. I'm so gonna win it, omg gf. *squee*..jk
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[07 Oct 2004|07:24pm]




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[05 Oct 2004|10:40pm]

Name: Kevin
Age: 18
Location: Trussville, Al
Email/AIM/etc: Kfrblade@aol.com / satonacherub
Dating Status: single
Hobbies: well i used to have awesome skating skills but i quit that a while back. i guess all i do now is goof around on the computer, hang out with friends, and school.
Top 5 Bands: smashing pumpkins, deftones, radiohead, nin, a perfect circle....i go through different music phases all the time so my top 5 will change a lot. all except for smashing pumpkins, they've always been my favorite.
Top 5 Movies: napoleon dynamite, vanilla sky, killing zoe, adaptation, harold and maude
Favorite Food/Drink: uh i guess pizza and mountain dew
Do you smoke? Drink? Do drugs? sometimes, rarely, no
Favorite word? hmmm, spiff?
Do you play an instrument/sing? Are you in a band? i drum on my steering wheel and sing in the shower...
Do you listen to country music? no
Tell us about the last show you went to: the last show i went to was less than jake. it was really cool.
Make us laugh: queef...
What do you think of the moderators? they are pretty spiffy and they have really good live journal skills.
Post at least 2 pics of yourself: um, yeah i dont have a website to upload pics on so uh...theres me in my icon.
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to the window [05 Oct 2004|09:19pm]

OK kids, as you know, I, Spiffy Mod Mary, have been slaving over the layout.

I look cute when I slave.

So, I need someone to give me an idea of what the comment links should say.

Remember, I need something for "__ comments" and "comment on this"


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[04 Oct 2004|10:45pm]


yea.. be there.. or be.. um.. square?

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Yayuh.... [30 Sep 2004|10:03pm]

[ mood | BITCH FIT ]

Since none of you ever read/comment to my journal...and it hurts me terribly....I'm gonna post a life update here.

Right heeeeeeeerrrrrreeeeee right nowwwwwwwwwwww.....

Uh yeah.

So um...someone called me ugly in a roundabout way today, he didn't really mean to. But since we are sXc kids we should kick his ass just for fun!

I have a date to the homecoming dance now. Yeah. hope Caroline wears some undies this time. Whore.

This is all....do comment with words of encouragement.

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Spiff Survey [30 Sep 2004|09:13pm]


Name: Madalyn
Age: 15
Location: Alabama
Email/AIM/etc: MadieGirl02@aol.com / MadieGirl
Dating Status: Ethan 2 years
Hobbies: listen to all kinds of music, write, eat!, hang out, etc.
Top 5 Bands: The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Maroon 5, and Modest Mouse
Top 5 Movies: Jesus Christ Superstar, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Kill Bill (vol. 1 and 2), Napoleon Dynamite, and Van Helsing
Favorite Food/Drink: Milos Sweet Tea!!!!! any food
Do you smoke? Drink? Do drugs? no..no..no
Favorite word? stuff and super
Do you play an instrument/sing? Are you in a band? I dont play and instrument..i sing in the shower and sometimes to where others can hear...no band for me
Do you listen to country music? AHH!!! NOOOOO!!!
Tell us about the last show you went to: dont go to shows....
Make us laugh: Im a cheerleader! Ah-hahahahaha!!!! and Im co-captain too!!!! hahaha!!
What do you think of the moderators? Look cool..dude (Trent?) has a really cool guitar
Post at least 2 pics of yourself: i dont have any pics
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spiffy news [30 Sep 2004|12:00pm]

I heard a rumor that the first annual spiff awards was comming up soon. Anyone else heard this.
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[27 Sep 2004|11:00pm]

Name: Zachary_Oliver
Age: 16
Location: Pell City< Alabama
Email/AIM/etc: sk8terdude214@yahoo.com  AIM= threewordgoodbye
Dating Status: Lesley Grahizam
Hobbies: doing fun stuff that i like to do.
Top 5 Bands: too hard to answer, i like fratelli and cool hand luke, stuff of that sort i suppose
Top 5 Movies: ice age, thats about it
Favorite Food/Drink: grapico, swedish fish
Do you smoke? Drink? Do drugs? all those things are stupid. why would you do that?
Favorite word? shoe.
Do you play an instrument/sing? Are you in a band? guitarist=savingyesterday
Do you listen to country music? you know it.
Tell us about the last show you went to: i live at an orphanage so i dont get out to see many shows, probally the promise the ghost  and tgab show at the gardendale civic center.
Make us laugh: no, can't.
What do you think of the moderators? i dont know what that means
Post at least 2 pics of yourself:   got one, it sucks  =
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