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The Survey

Name:  Amber
Age: 17
Location: Springville
Email/AIM/etc:, AIM: amberns87
Dating Status: single
Hobbies: hanging out, shopping, playing guitar, etc.
Top 5 Bands: can't think of them right now
Top 5 Movies: Meet the parents, Spy who Shagged me me, Selena and A Walk in the clouds(both a joke b/t me and mary, haha), and Lord of the Rings. 
Favorite Food/Drink: Pizza and Sprite
Do you smoke? Drink? Do drugs? NO
Favorite word? spiff
Do you play an instrument/sing? Are you in a band? no, i'm not in a band, but i do sing (most of the time by myself) and i'm learning to play the guitar
Do you listen to country music? no
Tell us about the last show you went to: i went to "Rockfest" and it was the spiff
Make us laugh: so, i walked into a club and this guy asked if he could buy me a drink and so i said yes. then he asked if i wanted to dance and *the next thing i knew he was all up on me screamin "yeah, yeah"
What do you think of the moderators? they're the spiff
Post at least 2 pics of yourself: sorry, but i only have this one:

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