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Location:Dexter/Ann Arbor, Michigan
Email/AIM/; AIM:scudd972
Dating Status:[as rediculious as it sounds, I'm seeing a girl across th country from me
Hobbies:I used to play bass. Nowadays, I pretty much just sit around and smoke.
Top 5 Bands:Glass Casket, Heaven Shall Burn, Radiation 4, Evergreen Terrace, Every Time I Die
Top 5 Movies:Party Monster, Alice in Wonderland, May, Donnie Darko [as cliche' as it is], SLC Punk
Favorite Food/Drink:Food:cheese in general Drink:Moutan Dew
Do you smoke? Drink? Do drugs?Yes to all three Favorite Cigarette:Reds/27's   Drink:Canadian Beer/Smirnoff   Drug:Ecstacy
Favorite word?FUCK, of course
Do you play an instrument/sing? Are you in a band? As I said earlier, I used to play bass, not anymore.
Do you listen to country music? [shudders] no...
Tell us about the last show you went to: It was the Battle of the Bands, I wouldn't have gone if my friend's band wasen't playing. They rocked out. I tripped out.
Make us laugh:


What do you think of the moderators?I don't know them...
Post at least 2 pics of yourself


I also have a ten gauge ring in my tongue...


Just in case you were wondering...

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