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Fire at will


Name: Reagan

Age: 15

Location: Potosi,Missouri

Email/AIM/etc: Yahoo-XrabbitsareroadkillX

Dating Status: Single,Bisexual.

Hobbies: Being lazy,playing my bass or guitar,Going to the ZOO o_0

Top 5 Bands: Afi,The Cure,Queen,My chemical romance,Rancid

Top 5 Movies: Edward Scissorhands,The nighmare before christmas,Big Fish,The Grudge,The village.

Favorite Food/Drink: Vegan Muffins!And SOYMILK!

Do you smoke? Drink? Do drugs? Oh no,I am straightedge,mah!Im ok with people around me doing it.Sometimes I just feel like drugs are ending the world faster though

Favorite word? Hella

Do you play an instrument/sing? Are you in a band? I play,Guitar,Bass,Flute,double bass,And im currently trying to learn kazoo xD I am in a band called -the big green condums- And we kick major ass.
Do you listen to country music? Uh,No.I dont really hate it as much as somepeople do

Tell us about the last show you went to: There was a local show at school we convinced them to let us hold,after school.There was really,no one to watch us.So we moshed,and people brought their skateboards and totally distroyed the place,I got punched in the face,got my finger ran over,Feel in the mosh and someone invated my personal space with their shoe.It was pretty sHweet.

Make us laugh: Let's totally be best friends. We can walk down the street with our guitars and I'll say, "Hey chicks!! Check us out, we're rad!!!" and when all these hot chicks start checking us out, we can blaze off some totally sweet solos and then you'll be all, "Hey chicks, you wanna hang with us?" and they'll be like "Hella!!" and the we'll both be like, "Ok, cool......psyche!!!!" and then we'll high five while shredding on our axes.

What do you think of the moderators? Well,maybe one day we will meet and we can totally make a band.I say,Double bass,Kick ass guitar solo's that wail on for days.Totally.

Post at least 2 pics of yourself:
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