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Spiff Survey

Name: Madalyn
Age: 15
Location: Alabama
Email/AIM/etc: / MadieGirl
Dating Status: Ethan 2 years
Hobbies: listen to all kinds of music, write, eat!, hang out, etc.
Top 5 Bands: The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Maroon 5, and Modest Mouse
Top 5 Movies: Jesus Christ Superstar, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Kill Bill (vol. 1 and 2), Napoleon Dynamite, and Van Helsing
Favorite Food/Drink: Milos Sweet Tea!!!!! any food
Do you smoke? Drink? Do drugs?
Favorite word? stuff and super
Do you play an instrument/sing? Are you in a band? I dont play and instrument..i sing in the shower and sometimes to where others can band for me
Do you listen to country music? AHH!!! NOOOOO!!!
Tell us about the last show you went to: dont go to shows....
Make us laugh: Im a cheerleader! Ah-hahahahaha!!!! and Im co-captain too!!!! hahaha!!
What do you think of the moderators? Look cool..dude (Trent?) has a really cool guitar
Post at least 2 pics of yourself: i dont have any pics
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