_marydisaster (badlyxdrawnxgrl) wrote in spiffxcore,

SpiffXcore Awards 2004!!!!!

First Annual Spiffxcore Awards!

The Rules:

  • Copy and paste the following ballot in a reply to this post.
  • You can only vote for the following members:

anglwthahatchet, badlyxdrawnxgrl, cfin86, eyelinersuicide, gvermund, human_placebo, i_am_jon, im_your_zero, likethis4ever, mylifeandtimes, savingyesterday, tastelesswater, u_think_u_no_me, xzer0xfaithx

  • You may vote for yourself.
  • You can vote for a person more than once.
  • Please refer to them by their LJ name.
  • If the category is "boys" you have to vote for a boy and vice versa. Girls are listed in purple, guys in blue


    The Ballot:

    • Smexiest Boy:
    • Smexiest Girl:
    • Prettiest Hair:
    • Favorite Mod:
    • Most Active:
    • Best Voter:
    • Spiffiest LJ:
    • Spiffiest AIM name:
    • Spiffiest LJ Name:
    • Best Personality:
    • Mr. Spiffxcore:
    • Miss Spiffxcore:
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