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Name:   Hope
Age:  17
Location:  B'ham
Email/AIM/etc:   pinkshoesrock@yahoo.com/RockerChik341
Dating Status:  Taken by Gabe
Hobbies:  writing, listening to music, acting like an idiot, hanging out with friends
Top 5 Bands:  1) The Used  2)  Matchbook Romance  3)  Brand New  4)  Senses Fail  5)  Story of the Year
Top 5 Movies:  1)  The Breakfast Club  2)  10 Things I Hate About You  3)  Say It Isn't So  4)  13 Going on 30  5)  Se7en!!!
Favorite Food/Drink:  anything chocolate/coke
Do you smoke? Drink? Do drugs?  nope
Favorite word?  crazyness
Do you play an instrument/sing? Are you in a band?  no.  apparently you have to have talent.  :(  haha
Do you listen to country music?  no...i wish death upon it
Tell us about the last show you went to:  I saw Incubus.  It kicked ass.  And Ben Kweller had a nice ass.  haha
Make us laugh:  Have you ever heard of the Violent Vegtables?  Black eye peas, squash, artiCHOKE
What do you think of the moderators?  I have to admit that I dont know them personally.  But according to Gabe, Mary is pretty spiffy.  :)
Post at least 2 pics of yourself:

  I'm a dork!

  Me at Wal-Mart!  Oh yes!  I totally rule!

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